05 Oct

Yesterday I took 27 kids down to the Scottish Road Race Championships at Falkirk.

Five teams in total. They all did well but the S3/S4 boys were crowned the new Scottish Champions.

This is almost the same team that won it last year then got the trophy taken away from them due to administrative accounting errors within SSAA and they finished up being silver medalists.

 The eight team members were…

Lewis – S3 …25th

Eric – S3 …34th

Daniel – S3…35th

Finlay – S2 …..56th

Duncan – S4…65th

Caiden – S3…79th

Cameron – S4 ….90th

Allistair – S3 …118th

Only the first 4 count, medals only given out to the first 4.

Most of the runners at this event run for Scotland or team GB so the standard is very high. What other schools lack is quality in depth for team events.

PHS is fortunate that this is something we have in abundance and team performance is something I try and nurture.

Caiden and Cameron are missing from the above pictures.

Grant Wooler

PHS Cross Country Coach.