01 Feb

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

Creative Day of Dance Could all groups/pupils who had previously expressed an interest in taking part in the P+K Creative Day of Dance with Mr Muttitt please attend a meeting in the PE classroom at 11:00 (breaktime) today (Thursday) to finalise entries. The entry form must be submitted this week, so attendance is essential. For anybody who missed this – the Creative Day of Dance is an opportunity to create your own dance routine and then perform it on stage at Perth Concert Hall with sound and lighting done by the professionals. This can be done in groups, or as an individual. If you are interest in this, please come along to the meeting, or catch Mr Robinson in PE for more details.
Mr Robinson

Are you interested in news stories, interviewing and journalism? – The school newspaper is the club for you! This is open to all years. Seniors- it will give you a key opportunity to gain and build on management/organisational experience which will increase your skills for your CV. Juniors – it will give you the chance to build on lots of skills and increase your confidence in a variety of different roles. If you are particularly interested in IT, design, and marketing, this would also suit you as we are planning on publishing this newspaper online so need to produce some eye-catching material! Above all, this will be a chance to share new , be creative and have fun!

If this is something you are interested in, even just to share some ideas in the initial phase, then please come along to Miss Robertson’s classroom (English Department, room 4.2) on Monday lunch times.

I look forward to seeing you there! Miss Robertson ????

Staff/pupils – Sign Club – meet in the library at 1.25pm today.  Bring your lunch and learn to talk with your hands! 
Mrs Burns

Staff/pupils – our speakers are the books in the human library!  Check out the timetable below and come along with your lunch and listen to their real-life stories!