10 Sep

Please find below today’s daily bulletin.  Thank you.

Blood Donation – Any pupils or staff who wish to donate blood on the 17th September please find E McElnea (S6) to book an appointment slot. Pupils must be aged 17 by the 17th September to take part.
Mrs Shenton

Careers Appointments Thursday 10th September with J Mears in the Library.
K MacLean S5 09:55 AM
H Scally S6 11:00 AM
R Mills S4 11:45 AM
A Adamson S6 12:30 PM
J Lizanec S5 02:10 PM
P Janeckova S5 02:55 PM

Careers Appointments Friday 11th September with J Mears in the Library.
A Freeguard S5 09:10 AM
H Hirst S5 09:55 AM
T Sutherland S6 11:00 AM
S Jarvie S6 11:45 AM
E Sutherland S6 12:30 PM
L Ewan S5 02:10 PM
J Honeyman S5 02:55 PM