01 Oct

Please find below today’s daily bulletin.  Thank you.

S4 Prelims / Assessments – There will be no formal S4 Prelims in the hall this year. We have decided not to hold S4 prelims for the following reasons: We wish to minimise the risk of the spread of infection. Following the time lost in lock down, we do not wish to lose any more teaching time Instead of prelims, departments will schedule assessments in class from the 30th November to the 11th December. Each department has a double period and this will be identified as the assessment slot to be used. A specific assessment timetable will be issued next term. Teachers will be using these assessments as evidence of attainment and progression and it is very important that pupils make every effort to be well prepared and up to date in advance.
Mr Jamieson

S2 School Football – We are hoping to resume training and complete the shield competition from last year after the October break. If you are in S2 and interested in coming along please join the Google Classroom using the code ‘v c r t l o 6’ and complete the survey about training.
Mr McCrae 4.17

Scottish Schools Young Writer Competition  meeting Friday at 1.30 in 4.4 [English] – This is an excellent opportunity for S5 and S6 students to demonstrate commitment to subjects they are interested in on a UCAS personal statement. And the prize is £600. Any S4, S5 or S6 students wishing to enter a piece of non-fiction writing should come to the meeting for further information, no strings attached. Guidance and support will be given to any students making entries.
Mr Kearns

Careers Appointments Thursday 1st October in the Library with K Sinclair:-
R McGuire S6 09:10
A Wallace-Riddle S5 09:55
J Keenan S5 11:00
M Mackenzie S5 11:45
M-J Murray S5 12:30
A McPhee S5 02:10
M Fairlie S4 02:55

Careers Appointments Thursday 1st October in the Library with J Mears:-
D Nwogu S5 09:10
E Ogilvie S5 09:55
N Wallace S6 11:00
L Ewan S5 11:45
J E Elachhab S4 02:10
E Pritchett S6 02:55

Careers Appointments Friday 2nd October in the Library with J Mears:-
J Venter S6 11:45
J E Elachhab S4 02:10

LIBRARY – with colder/wetter weather coming, more are choosing to come to the Library during break/lunch. A reminder that we must currently restrict numbers. Please ONLY come to the library if you wish to read or study. Large groups (more than 3) will NOT be admitted.
Mrs Burns

BOOK OF THE WEEK. Every week we’ll showcase a book recommended by a pupil, member of staff or parent/carer. Want to nominate a book? Email PHSLibrary@pkc.gov.uk to get it featured. This week our book is: THE BONE SPARROW by Zana Fraillon

Subhi was born in a refugee camp. He knows little about the world and dreams of the sea finding its way to his tent and bringing treasures. One day it brings him Jimmie. She carries a notebook she can’t read and wears a sparrow made out of bone around her neck – both talismans of her family’s past and the mother she’s lost. Jimmie strikes up a friendship with Subhi beyond the fence. As Subhi reads Jimmie’s story, both children discover their own importance in writing their futures.
Mrs Burns