02 Oct

Please find today’s bulletin below.

School Uniform – I have been very impressed with the school uniform this term.  As winter approaches pupils are reminded to wear warm black or blue jumpers or cardigans so that when they are asked to remove outdoor clothing in classes they are prepared.  Hoodies are not part of the school uniform and therefore will be treated as outdoor clothing.
Thirza Pupillo

S6 – Please don’t forget to submit your baby photo for the yearbook!  You can either hand a print photo (with your name on the back) to Mrs Burns in the library, or email a digital photo to PHSLibrary@pkc.gov.uk.  This is the last week we will be accepting photos!  Get your photo in!
Mrs Burns

S1 – calling all bookworms & keen readers!  The Library are still looking for pupils to join this year’s Kids Lit Quiz team.  If you missed the try-out quiz last week, don’t worry!  Come and try again today during break.  You MUST come a do the try-out quiz to be on the team.  Why not give it a go, just for fun?  (NB.  The Library will be open for the quiz only).  If you can’t make it again today but are interested in taking part, please give your name to Mrs Burns in the library.
Mrs Burns

Pupil Voice – A reminder that any pupils wishing to attend the 2018/19 Pupil Voice Conference on Wednesday afternoon must see Mr Clark (G32) before Wednesday to sign up and confirm their attendance.
Mr S Clark