22 Jan

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

S2 Course Choice Conversations: –

Known AsSurnameRegGroupStageDatePeriod – ClassPlace
ASutherland2H6S2Monday 22ndP1 – 4.2Staff Room
MSutherland2H6S2Monday 22ndP1 – 4.14Staff Room
EWatt2H6S2Monday 22ndP1 – 4.5Staff Room
RAllan2K7S2Monday 22ndP1 – 2.14Staff Room
RBaird2K7S2Monday 22ndP1 – 2.11Staff Room
EBenbow2K7S2Monday 22ndP1 – 2.11Staff Room
ABilinska2K7S2Monday 22ndP1 – 1.19Staff Room
OBoyd2K7S2Monday 22ndP1 – 2.14Staff Room
GBlair2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – G11Staff Room
CBrett-Pitt2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – G11Staff Room
M-GCampbell2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – 2.22Staff Room
JCarr2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – 2.22Staff Room
HDennison2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – 2.22Staff Room
AEwen2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – G11Staff Room
HJeary2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – G11Staff Room
WKrysiak2K7S2Monday 22ndP2 – 2.22Staff Room
FMangolini2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
LMcLean2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
RMcLeish2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
BMorrison2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
COgilvie2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
APtak2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
ARakoma2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
ORussell2K7S2Monday 22ndP3 – PEStaff Room
HSahota2K7S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
LScott2K7S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
RSutherland2K7S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
LThomson2K7S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
GAmaya2K8S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
JAmaya2K8S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
PBonthrone2K8S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
ABoyer2K8S2Monday 22ndP4 – PEStaff Room
FCarter2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.4Staff Room
R TClark2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.13Staff Room
OCox2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.13Staff Room
EDunn2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.14Staff Room
AEl Morabit Burtoi2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.13Staff Room
AHay2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.4Staff Room
DHush2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.8Staff Room
CLee2K8S2Monday 22ndP5 – 4.13Staff Room

Perth and Kinross Badminton Championships – The P&K Badminton Championships take place at Crieff High School on 9th February. If interested in representing PHS, please complete the sign-up sheet found on the door of room 2.17. Both club and non-club members are welcome to sign-up.  Sign-up deadline is end of day on Tues 23rd Jan. See Mr. Fraser for more information.
Mr. Fraser

S1 / 2 netball is cancelled tonight Due to the weather netball has been cancelled tonight.
Miss Ramsay