13 Sep

Please find below today’s bulletin here.  Thank you.


S3 Football – S3 football training WILL be on this coming Monday after school on the astroturf.  Pupils wishing to play for the school team this year should attend or speak to Mr Robinson to explain why they are unable to attend.

Mr R Robinson


Swimming –  Those who have been entered into the Tayside Schools Swimming Gala should collect a consent form from the new PE hall and have it returned to Miss Allan ASAP. The forms can be collected on the left hand side as you come through the first set of doors into the PE hall.

Miss Allan.


Lockers – All Years – Lockers have now been allocated for this session. Could anyone who put in an application for a locker please come to the foyer outside the Assembly Hall on break time OR lunch time on Monday. The £10 payment for the locker must be paid before you will receive a key. Any questions please ask Kayleigh at the School Office.

Kayleigh Clark


S1 boys Rugby – Please can any S1 boys wishing to play rugby this year or join the rugby club attend a short meeting at morning break time in the NEW PE HALL today.

This is to discuss next weeks tournament.

Mr Dearden (PE)


“Any S1-S3 girls wanting to play football for the school team, there is a game after school on Tuesday 17th, can anyone interested please meet in room 1.4 at break on Friday to get a permission slip”

Rachel Armstrong


The BOOK FAIR is still here!  It will be gone some time on Tuesday next week so don’t forget to visit the Library for your chance to browse and buy.  All purchases help raise funds for books for the Library.

Mrs Burns