04 Oct

In partnership with the DET department our D of E class was able to make use of the fantastic new machinery available in the department to help with our recycling of plastic.

The new Shredder, Sheet Press and Vacuum Former means our school now has the resources to shred plastic bottles and plastic waste which can then be melted down and made into plastic sheets to create moulds and other products.

Not only does this re-use the plastic waste in school thereby doing our bit to save the planet, but saves money too! The class are going to look into the capacity for this and it’s uses and how it can be used most effectively in the future.

There has been a lot of numeracy involved working out how many bottles the school uses per day, per week, term and year (current estimated calculations are 105,000 bottles per year!) and also to calculate the number of bottles they will need to make a sheet of plastic.

We are now going to investigate what they can make with the plastic to complete the process. It’s turned out to be a very exciting project with lots of potential for future use in the school.

Photos available on the school’s twitter below –