03 Oct

Pupils will be issued with paper copies in the first week back after the October Break.

Please click on the link for the online version of the S4 Prelim 2019 timetable – S4 Prelim 2019

Notes –

Music Practicals will be held on 9th December.

PE Practicals will be arranged with pupils by the PE Department.

Hospitality practical exams will take place on Tuesday 10th December – Friday 13th December.

There will be no Study Leave for S4 pupils.

Pupils should note where and when their exams are taking place.

Pupils should go to the exam room five minutes before the exam is due to start.

Once an exam is finished, pupils should return to their timetabled class.

Please follow the instructions of the invigilators.   There should be silence in and around all examination rooms.

Where a pupil’s examination takes place over lunchtime, they can leave class for lunch at 12.30.

Good luck!