05 Dec

This November the Perth High School Library Team beamed down reinforcements from Science and English to raise the profile of reading and celebrate all things related to ‘science writing’ and ‘science in fiction’. “Back to the Future’s” Dr. Emmett Brown greeted pupils at the gateway and led them through their voyage!

S1 pupils enjoyed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s forensic science activity in which they had to complete a Chromatography experiment to establish which ink had been used in some rather nasty poisoned pen activity. Draco Malfoy surprised all by applying his usually scheming machinations to acts for good as his black magic turned to science and he taught pupils how the true pen can be revealed! Katniss Everdeen employed her methodical and problem-solving approach to assist pupils in matching DNA markers to suspects. All in, our budding forensic scientists learned the importance of robust and cross-checked evidence. Watch out CSI; they’re coming for your jobs!

Amy Johnson set course for a journey through ‘science and fiction’. Co-piloted by Isaac Newton and Gamora, pupils were grouped into planets and stars. Each team competed throughout the quiz for points! Knowledge of scientists, books, historical writing, television shows and movies were all explored in this great adventure.

Mrs Frizzle set imaginations alight in her engineering task! Assisted by classic red shirt Star Trek crew member.

* Please note, we are happy to announce that no harm befell classic red shirt Star Trek crew member during the day’s mission.

Mrs Frizzle kept a tight handle on her resources! Each team was only allocated a small bundle of spaghetti, a marshmallow and several strips a masking tape. They had to create an Isambard Kingdom Brunel style masterpiece that could support the weight of a book. The challenge? The tallest structure would earn the team the privilege of being be deemed the finest engineers in the room!      

Each of these tasks reinforced the importance of acknowledging the great people and discoveries that have come before us. They also taught the value and importance of accessing this knowledge and then getting involved to push on our own skills. Creativity, experimentation, innovation, compassion and reading can change the world!

“Live your life as an exclamation rather than an explanation.” – Isaac Newton.

F Stewart – Head of English department