03 Oct

This year we are supporting the Blythswood Shoe box Appeal. This appeal aims to provide people from worse off countries a happier Christmas by gifting them a shoebox full of essentials that we take for granted.

We hope you would be willing to donate to this cause by supplying either as filled (Wrapped) shoebox, an empty shoe box or some items to go inside. Even a small money donation would be great as it would help us buy more items to fill more shoeboxes.

The deadline for donations is the first week of November so we have enough time to check them before sending them off on the 9th. They will be collected from registration classes during that week or they could be dropped off at G2 during registration.

Linked is a copy of the 2018 Checklist which gives suggestions of some of the things that can be included in the shoeboxes.

These should be printed out and stuck on top.

If this is not possible please just slip a piece of paper inside the box with the items which are inside and we will fill out a list when checking the box.

Shoebox appeal checklist 2018


Many thanks

The Kinfauns House Team