Welcome to Fifth and Sixth Year. Whether parent or student, you are by now a veteran of the educational system with at least eleven years’ learning behind you.

Please click on the link below to access the Course Choice booklet –

S5-S6 Course Choice booklet 2017-18

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S5 PHS Course choice 2017

S6 PHS Course choice 2017

Perth College Courses’ information sheets –

CD141 Higher Beauty

CD144 Higher Psychology

CD149 NPA Technical Theatre

CD150 Higher Childcare & Development

CD200 Hairdressing Nat 4

CD201 Hairdressing Nat 5

CD210 Cert in 1st line Management

CD212 Hospitality Nat 4

CD216 NPA Playwork & Childcare

CD217 Intro to Hairdressing

CD218 The Nature of Health

CD221 Professional Cookery

CD223 NPA Bakery

CD225 Understanding the Social World

CD226 Computer Games L4

CD227 Computer Games L5

CD228 Computing Modules L7

CD231 PEO1

CD235 Automotive Short Course

CD236 NPA Music Theatre


CD239 Economics & Accounting

CD241 Passport to Childcare

CD242 Passport to Sport

CD243 FA Engineering

CD244 FA Civil Engineering

CD245 NPA Music Business

CD247 FA Laboratory Skills

CD248 FA Business Skills

CD249 The Apprentice

CD250 Construction Crafts Nat 4

CD220 Higher Photography


Perth Grammar Campus Courses

Chemistry AH

English AH

French AH

Politics H

Statistics AH

Perth Academy Campus Course

PA Descriptors for Campus Schools

St Johns Academy Campus Courses

PCC AH Graphic Communication St Johns

PCC AH PE St Johns

YASS modules for academic year 2016-17

YASS modules 2016-17

Study hours _general