27 Jan

New Free Mental Health & Wellbeing Service

All pupils aged 16+ at Perth High School have free access to the digital mental health and wellbeing service Togetherall.

Togetherall provides safe, anonymous, online support 24/7, with a supportive community, information and self-help resources, and trained professionals online at all times.

Access is easy: simply go to www.Togetherall.com and enter your postcode.

Any young person struggling with mental health issues or experiencing a tough time can find support on Togetherall. If you are struggling, or know someone who is, don’t hesitate to join Togetherall or recommend it to someone you know.

95% of members reported feeling better as a result of joining Togetherall, and 73% shared something for the first time. Whatever you’re going through, Togetherall is there to help.

One member commented: “It’s great here to just say what you feel and think without judgement, that’s helped me loads, as I’ve always kept a brave face for the last few years with my depression and anxiety. It’s great to be among people who know exactly how you feel!”