16 Sep

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

A few local residents have contacted the school about litter that is being dropped in our local area and about young people not moving away to socially distance from members of the public.  The litter is also attracting seagulls.  Please be mindful that we are part of a community and we need to work together ensure that our area in and out of school are kept clean and safe.

Also a reminder that facial covering should be worn on transport and in and around the corridors and communal areas of the school.

Mrs Pupillo

Careers appointments on Thursday 17th September with Kelda Sinclair in the Library

StudentReg GroupTimeWho
A BrysonS609:10K Sinclair
E NicholsonS509:55K Sinclair
M RajaS611:00K Sinclair
C ThomsonS511:45K Sinclair
CKeayS412:30K Sinclair
S MenziesS402:10K Sinclair
R BlackmoreS402:55K Sinclair

Careers appointments on Thursday 17th September with J Mears in the Library

StudentReg GroupTimeWho
E HalleyS409:10J Mears
B McKnightS509:55J Mears
J MacDonaldS611:00J Mears
C MilneS511:45J Mears
C MunroS512:30J Mears
D NwoguS502:10J Mears
E OgilvieS502:55J Mears

InYourHouse – Challenge 2

Well done to all those who took part in the Emoji quiz last week! We had a really good participation rate but we are sure you can do better this week. If you are S1 or just haven’t joined your house class please add yourself to your class using the codes below.

Challenge 2 is an Anagram challenge. Complete the quiz using the link on Google Classroom. As this is an Anagram challenge you must use every letter and watch your spelling!

Good Luck

Team Interhouse

Blood Donation – Any pupils or staff who wish to donate blood on the 17th September please find Ella McElnea (S6) to book an appointment slot.  Pupils must be aged 17 by the

17th September to take part.

Mrs Shenton

Astro – Due to continued littering and vandalism, the astro-turf will be closed for the rest of the week.  Last week was a better week, with less litter being dropped which was great to see.  However, this week has been very poor, with lots of litter being left and the new bins damaged (one was broken into pieces).  It is our collective responsibility, as a school community, to ensure that the school grounds stay clear of litter and safe for us all to use – if you know of a particular group who are persistently leaving litter, or have seen anyone damaging the bins, please let Miss Taylor in the PE department know.

Miss Taylor

CALLING ALL S6 – We are looking to create a group of S6 pupils to help with Interhouse/InYourHouse activities both online and physically (football/hockey/netball etc). You would be involved in promotion/creation of activities/organisation of events. You would need to be willing to work with the staff group which is already established and be willing to attend monthly meetings potentially at lunchtime. This would be really good for your CV and to add to your personal statement. If you are going into teaching/events management or something similar this is the job for you! If you are interested in this or just want to find out more, please come and give your name to Miss Hardie in 2.11. Thank you

Team Interhouse