27 Jun

Two S5 pupils, Aidan Wallace and Alasdair Peach, took to the stage for the YPI Scotland National Event last Wednesday.

The pupils after completing the YPI course in their Enterprise and Innovation class in S3 played a significant role in the creation of new national material for YPI. This e-mail seems to sum up the boys efforts:

Good morning ,

I hope this email finds you all very well.  Following Wednesday’s YPI Scotland National Event, I’m working through the task of thanking the many people that contributed to the success of the event.  Perth High School played such a significant part!   

First of all, on behalf of The Wood Foundation I wanted to acknowledge the fantastic partnership we enjoy with Perth High through YPI Scotland, and I was delighted that we were able to showcase a small part of that story on stage on Wednesday at the YPI Scotland National Event.  Alasdair and Aiden were a credit to the school, and a credit to Perth & Kinross as a whole.  With personality, confidence and grace, they presented so very well and provided the perfect introduction to our Make a Difference video package; having been so actively involved themselves in the making of this resource.  I’d be delighted if you could reiterate my thanks and comments to them, as we really can’t thank them enough.   

Photos from the event are just beginning to come through, but I’ve attached above a couple of shots of Alasdair and Aiden in action in front of our 1200 guests.  We should hopefully have a highlights video package to share with you soon as well.  I hope you have a lovely summer when it arrives, and we look forward to working alongside you in 2017/18. 

Take care.  Warmest regards,