04 Jun

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

Careers Appointments – Can the pupils below please be reminded to attend their Careers Appointments in the Library with Ms Mears today. Thanks

P19:10T BennettS4Friday4th June
P29:55C McConnellS4Friday
P411:45F FluturS5Friday
P512:30M FairlieS4Friday
P614:10D BoyceS6Friday

S4 – S6 Pupils – If you would like to speak to a Careers Advisor, drop in appointments are available on Wednesdays (until the end of term) from 11:45am onwards.

Careers Advisor

All Pupils – Next week PHS will host the “Interhouse Scholympics” – There will be 5 events across the 5 school days to test balance, agility, speed and brain power. These events will take place during lunchtimes both inside and outside the school building. The events are

  • Hula Hussle
  • Tower Trumps
  • High Hoops
  • Longish Leap
  • Handstand Hold

Each year group will have the change to take part in each event across the week to earn interhouse points. As always in each event you do, you will earn 1 participation point and additional points will be awarded to the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of each year group in each event. Events and places will be confirmed in the bulletin/interhouse google classroom on each of the days. Please wear appropriate clothing/footwear to take part otherwise you may not be allowed to participate.

Team Interhouse