22 Mar

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

Scottish schools Aquathon – Can everybody who has signed up for the Aquathon attend a meeting TODAY (Friday) at morning break time in the New PE building.
Mr Dearden

Cross Country – If you have signed up the Cross Country event on Tuesday 26th March, and you missed the meeting yesterday, you MUST attend at breaktime today (Friday).  Pupils signed up are:

A Harrison (S1)
E Benbow (S2)
R Baird (S2)
N Akel (S1)
E Squires (S2)
D Craig (S2)
L Archer (S1)
S Henderson (S4)
N Campbell (S4)
E Campbell (S2)
M Mackenzie-Jones (S1)
A Dewar (S1)
L Aitkenhead (S2)
R Allan (S2)
H Kavanagh (S5) higher one off
J Gillie (S6) higher one off
J Donald (S5) higher one off
K Smart (S4)
L McInroy (S3)
T McInroy (S5)
N Stewart (S5)
G Lidstone (S4)
S Duncan (S5)

If you attended yesterday and have handed in your consent forms, you do not need to attend.
Miss Taylor

Careers Appointments – Please can the following pupils attend their careers appointment today in the library.

PeriodTimePupil NameClass
P19:15E Newman4F
P210:00A Menzies
A Podolec
P311:10M Reid4F
P411:55G Botiz6E
P512:40S Smith4B
P62:10L Moir6F
P72:55F Baxter5K