24 Jun

Please find below today’s daily bulletin. Thank you.

S4 & S5 Prefects Please attend a short meeting in the assembly hall at the start of period 1 today.
Mrs Telford

Prizegiving Tickets – Can prizegiving winners who have ordered tickets please collect them from the school office.

Prizegiving Rehearsals – There will be in school rehearsals for Prizegiving TODAY (Monday).  Please send the pupils to the assembly hall at the following times – prize winners only.  Apologies for any disruption this causes.

P3 – new S2

P4 – new S3

P5 – new S4

P6 – new S5

P7 – new S6

Miss Sorbie

FAO S5 and S6 pupils:  The House Captaincy application form is now available on your PSE Google Classroom.  Applications by the end of term are strongly encouraged.  The final deadline is Friday 16th August.  All forms should be emailed to Mrs Grierson.  You can collect a paper application form from Mrs Grierson if that is easier for you.  Best of luck!  Email address for forms:  TGrierson@pkc.gov.uk
Mrs Grierson

Careers Appointments – Please can the following pupils attend their careers appointment today in the library.

PeriodTimePupil NameClass
P19:15H Watt4K
P210:00L Hutchison6E
P311:10J Hughes6K
P411:55T Taylor3B
P512:40E Gabrena6B

J Mears

PeriodTimePupil NameYear
P109:15C CaruanaS5H
P210:00B StirtonS5H
P311:10J McRitchieS5H
P512:40J SturrockS5H
P614:10A RajaS5H
P714:55J SimpsonS4H

N Malcolm